Reporting Tools

HRconnection® Allows Administrators To Pull Customized Reports

By capturing employee and plan information in HRconnection, administrators have the ability to create the following reports quickly and easily in any of the following outputs: Microsoft® Excel® and CSV, Adobe® PDF, HTML and RTF.

Election Reports

Election Summary – Create a summary of all benefits elected by an employee for a specified effective date (available in English and Spanish).

Payroll Extract Report* – Extract payroll information for employee based on election effective date.

Personal Instruction Sheet – Generate an informational reference for employees to use when preparing for open enrollment.

Premium Report* – Extract election and premium information, based on effective date, to compare with the monthly billing statement issued by a carrier.

Plan Design Report –View detailed information, including rates and benefits, on any of the plan offerings.

Annualized Contribution Report – View per deduction and annualized contributions by employees for all plan types.

Beneficiary Report* – View designated beneficiary information.

Carrier Extract Report* – Extract employee information and election data based on effective date.

Census Report* – Extract information needed for an employee census.

Change Report – Election Comparison over Time* – View all changes made to employees’ elections between effective dates.

Change Report – Election Comparison (based on effective date) – Compare employee elections effective as of two specific dates.

Change Report – Election Comparison (based on confirmation date)* – Track elections confirmed within a specified date range.

Change Report – Election & Demographic Change – Monitor changes made because of a life event, open enrollment, employee termination, or employee/contact demographic changes during a specified date range.

Election Status Report – Unconfirmed Elections – Identify employees who have unconfirmed elections for a selected plan type within the enrollment date range.

Employee Reports

Employee Changes – Monitor the changes of employee or family contact records during a specified period.

Employee Information* – Extract basic employee and employment information.

Employee User Name Report – Generate a list of employee user names.

My Family Information Report* – Extract basic employee, employment, and my family and contacts information.

Attendance Report – Extract vacation totals and track attendance for employees.

Out of Office Report* – Generate a list of employees who are out of the office during a specific date range.

Portal Usage Statistics – Monitor usage of HRconnection for a specified period.

Time Off Requests* – Generate a list of employees who have requested time off during a specific date range.

Time Off Totals* – Download time off totals for employees.