Group Disability Insurance Solutions - Serving Pittsburgh, PA and Businesses Across Pennsylvania

Disability Insurance and Coverage in Pittsburgh, PA

Consulting in Pittsburgh, PA and for businesses across Pennsylvania, Scott Ingalls and the team at Cognizant Benefits Solutions, draws from over 24 years’ experience in helping Pennsylvania employers navigate the group disability benefits landscape. Scott brings with him in depth knowledge and working experience in the disability benefits and coverage market. Scott knows your group disability benefits programs compliance, regulatory, and underwriting issues and knows what needs to be done to properly develop, implement and maintain your group disability benefits program that meets your coverage, cost, and customer service objectives.

Get the Expertise You Need to Develop, Implement, and Support Affordable and Sustainable Group Disability Benefits Programs

At Cognizant Benefits Solutions, Scott personally tailors strategies to meet the specific cost, coverage, and customer service objectives of our clients. We take a longer term view of your disability benefits and coverage program to not only meet immediate objectives but also those towards the future sustainability of your benefits and coverage program as a whole. We work with all the major insurance companies in Pennsylvania to insure the widest coverage and plan options are available for our clients. Once a disability benefits program is implemented we back up your program with reliable, responsive and ongoing personal customer service provided directly by Scott and his team. This often includes providing enrollment, open enrollment, and employee educational meetings. We supplement this high level of direct customer service with the latest, most robust human resource software management tools and resource portal in the industry. Our service and technology can manage all aspects of your employee benefits.

Our group disability insurance carriers include all the major insurance plans in the state of Pennsylvania including:

-United Healthcare